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Walk-up Fees : Day Pass Options

Non-Member Price 10 Visit Punch Pass
Adult $17 $140
Junior (under 18) $15 $120


Equipment Rentals

Equipment Non-member price Member price
Climbing Shoes $4.50 Less 10%
Harness $2.50 Less 10%
Chalk Bag $1.50 Less 10%
All gear as a package $7.00 Less 10%


Basic Skills Class – This class will teach you how to top rope belay on the spot, no reservation required*

Includes: Day Pass, Gear Package, and Instruction

*Must be 14 years old to take this class. Waiver required for minors. If you have 6 belayers or more-we offer group pricing.

Non-Member Price Member Price
Belaying + Climbing $30 FREE
Belaying Only $20 FREE

If you’re an adult assisting a youth climber, and not climbing yourself, the fee is $20 for Basic Skills (see above), which includes belay instruction and equipment.

**Lead Climbing and Lead Belay Tests should be scheduled ahead of time to ensure the correct staff member is on hand to administer the test: call 434 845 7625 or email to schedule a time**

Special Nights!

Mondays = Student Night (5-10PM)

Wednesdays = Women Crush Wednesdays (5-10PM)

Fridays = 2 For 1 “Belaytionship” Special (5-10PM)

SAVE $$$ on Day Passes, Gear Rental, and Belay Instruction if Needed!

Call us at 434 845 7625 for more details!