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Things To Know:

Waiver – Everyone who wants to climb, belay, or spot – needs a waiver on file with us. For those Under 18 – their Parent or Legal Court Appointed Guardian – must fill this out for them. Do this beforehand from the “Waiver” Menu on this website.


Top Roping vs. Bouldering – We offer 3 types of climbing at Rise Up.

*The first is called “Top Roping” on a 40′ wall with ropes. A “Belayer” stands on the ground and takes the slack out of the rope as the climber climbs. Both are attached to the rope by harnesses – and the Belayer needs training or to have passed a Belay Test to belay the Climber.

We offer a few different options to learn to Belay or to have a Staff Belayer Provided for you [see below].


 *The second is called “Bouldering” on shorter 10-15′ walls without ropes. Bouldering is more intense climbing as the difficulty is packed into a shorter wall – it is also comparatively more dangerous than Top Roping – so we do not recommend it for brand new climbers.


What the Heck is “Belaying” and How Do I learn to do it?

2 Options to Climb on the 40′ Wall – See the Dropdown Menu under “First Visit” for an explanation on each and which suits your needs.

Basic Skills

Staff Belayer Option


Age Restrictions

-12 years and over to climb at the gym without adult supervision

-14 years and over to belay at the gym

-16 years and over to belay a climber who has not passed our Belay Test or Taken Basic Skills – ex) 14 year old CANNOT belay a 10 year old, or an adult who has not learned to belay or passed our test.


Lead Tests – Reservation Rq’d

If you want to take a Lead Climbing or Lead Belaying Test – email to set up an appointment. Test takes 20 mins, and you have to have passed the Top Rope Belay Test before taking the Lead Test.