No Partner? No Problem!

Climbers who would like to use the Autobelays are required to receive an orientation and subsequent test before using them. No reservation required – 15-20 minute orientation taught on demand.

-14 years old and up can use the Autobelay without supervision.

-Under 14 years old requires a user over the age of 16 to clip them in and supervise them while on the Autobelay.

-Autobelay Orientations and Tests are included in Memberships and the cost of a Day Pass to the Facility


Autobelays offer a convenient and fast way to get climbing. However, they lower you immediately so you are unable to “work” on climbs once you fall. You are lowered immediately by the device. In addition, they are only set up on a few rope lines – the majority of the 40′ wall is Top Rope.