Basic Skills

Come climb with us! 30 minutes is all it takes to GET STARTED!

Just walk in and we’ll teach you on the spot how to Belay—no preregistration required for groups of five or fewer.

(Reservations required for groups of six or more, and we’ll get you climbing a lot quicker!)


Our Basic Skills class is…

  • CONVENIENT: Take the class anytime we’re open in 30mins
  • ACTIVE: Climbing is a full-body workout.
  • FUN: It engages your body AND your mind.
  • FRIENDLY: Build Communication and Work as a Team with your Belayer


Basic Skills will save you $ in the long run if you forsee climbing to be a regular activity for you. You only have to take Basic Skills one time, and it includes all the equipment you need to Belay a climber – and climb if you decide to.

If you can’t Belay, or really do not want to – don’t sweat it – check out our “Staff Belayer Option” and “Saturday Pay Per Climb” Options!