Team Building

0029 copyClass schedule: Sat and Sun 1 – 3 PM, 3 – 5 PM or other prearranged time to your liking—pre-registration required.
Price: Varies depending on type of instruction desired.
Minimum: 6 participants
Age: Varies depending on type of facilitation desired.
Facilitator ratio: Varies depending on type of instruction desired.

Indoor rock climbing is a unique team building exercise. Teams of two or three must work together to plan and then execute physically to ascend our walls. A successful team requires input and effort from all the members with teamwork a core element of success. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to explain how indoor rock climbing can help you achieve your team building goals. Or simply register on-line and let us help your group come together as an effective working team.

Adult birthday? Corporate outing? Group of friends? Almost all the classes we offer can be arranged for your private group. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

See why climbing is a full body workout and one of the best paths to fitness. A climbing workout involves the entire body and develops strength, endurance, stamina, balance, coordination, and problem solving skills. Climbing utilizes both the mind and body to achieve success, and it’s social as well. Let us show you how you can make your workouts or fitness training routine fun!