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Whether you’re an experienced climber looking for a training facility or just someone who wants to get in shape and stay that way without having to endure the monotony of a regular gym, a Rise Up Climbing membership may be for you.

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Your first question may well be “why is climbing more fun than my usual workout routine?” A fair question to be sure, and one for which there is a compelling answer.

Climbers follow set paths or “routes” to the top of the wall. Each route is carefully created by our staff of route setters to challenge your physical and mental abilities, and it’s graded for difficulty so you can gauge the challenge before leaving the ground. It’s then up to you (and possibly your partner) to figure out how best to ascend your chosen route much like solving a big puzzle.

It’s this testing of both physical and mental abilities in a social setting that makes climbing so appealing to many young adults. Anybody can mindlessly run on a treadmill or push weight on a machine, but in climbing each route presents a new and different challenge.

Climbing indoors is a different kind of workout. You’ll work your whole body, much like a well rounded health club fitness program would, BUT with these notable differences…

  1. New fun challenges each and every week. Instead of progressing by increasing the weight you lift at a given machine we provide you with new climbing challenges every week each of which is graded for difficulty. Climbers gauge their progress by figuring out and completing progressively more difficult climbs. There are more than 100 such problems in our gym at any given time, and we change ten to twelve each week.That means there are always new and interesting puzzles to solve that involve both mind and body, problems that you and your climbing friends can work on solving together.


  1. Social interaction. As noted above, climbing is a social activity. You’ll meet new friends and socialize with current friends to solve climbing problems, cheer each other on, or just have fun together.Climbing at an indoor gym exposes you to a new social setting. Because roped climbing necessarily involves two people, one climbing and one belaying, social interaction is integral to the sport. Climbers routinely interact to solve the puzzles confronting them by discussing the various climbing moves that might allow a climber to efficiently ascend a given route. Encouragement for the climber is often provided by numerous others who may be watching.We also offer a number of clinics, workshops, outings, and gatherings each month to promote interaction and camaraderie. Come join our community!