Youth Programs

Kids and teens are natural climbers, and we offer a number of programs for kids to come in and just have fun, or learn a lot about the amazing sport of climbing. Minimum age for roped climbing is 3 years old, and 30lbs.

Few things in this world can teach about ourselves as comprehensively and succinctly as rock climbing. You won’t find a climber on Earth who can’t give a litany of benefits he or she gets from the sport—starting with an amazing amount of fun and getting progressively deeper from there. Self confidence, self awareness and physical, mental and emotional maturity are all common benefits from climbing. Who needs that more than kids and teens? Climbing also tends to be a social activity that encourages interaction with ones peers. It’s the total package!

CAUTION: Rise Up requires a signed waiver for all participants, and only the parents of a minor can sign for him or her. If you are bringing a minor that is not your child please have his or her parents fill out our form by following the WAIVER link in the menu bar above.

If you have a young climber (under age 8), or you are not able to belay for your child–who would like to try climbing out for the first time please call us at 434 845 7625 or email to set up an appointment, or for more information.