Comp Team (all ages)

Competitive Team

The Competitive Team is Rise Up’s advanced level of instruction for those looking to pursue competitive and outdoor climbing.

Our goal is for each climber to pursue his or her potential in a supportive but demanding environment. Advanced climbers spend additional time and effort conditioning as well as learning to effectively participate in sanctioned regional competitions, or preparing to climb outside.


These climbers set personal goals that revolve around:

-Competitive Climbing

-Outdoor Climbing

-Personal Fitness Climbing Goals


Prerequisites: Be able to on-sight 5.9 (10 years and under), 5.10a (11-12 years), or 5.10b (over 12 years).
Schedule: On-going. Two sessions per week on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-7:30 pm.
Cost: Rise Up membership plus $100/month (total $145/month). Also, Advanced Level members are expected to have their own shoes, harness and chalk bag.


 Email to sign up for this class.