Climbing Club (all ages)


The Climbing Club (by tryout and those 14yrs+) is our next step toward the Competitive Team. At this level we concentrate almost exclusively on improving climbing performance with an eye toward moving up to the next level. Increased emphasis on movement skills and physical conditioning are the core elements to the Climbing Club. The Club is broken up into two tiers, Junior and Advanced depending on age, skill level, and motivation.

Prerequisites: Must pass the Rise Up Climbing belay test, have demonstrated the ability to comfortably climb at a 5.7 level, and receive an instructor recommendation.
Schedule: On-going. Two sessions per week on Tuesday and Thursday from 530-730 pm.
Cost: Rise Up membership plus $70/month (total of $115/month). Also, Climbing Club members are expected to have their own shoes, harness and chalk bag.

 Email to sign up for this class.