Team Rise Up Overview

Ongoing climbing instruction for youth and teens. Call us for more information or drop by to check it out!

Unlike most other sports where participation means beating an opponent, the nature of climbing allows it to be competitive with other climbers or simply with yourself. Our team members don’t have to compete in sanctioned events to grow and advance—the climbing itself often provides motivation enough. Although participating in USA Climbing’s youth competition series is encouraged (our Competitive Team practices emphasize the skills and training required to excel at competitions) non-competitive Climbing Club members will still enjoy the improvement in recreational climbing, as well increased self confidence and straight up fun.

Team Rise Up is segmented into four groups:

Crag Monkeys (Mon/Wed) (ages 3-7) and Tiny Crushers (Tue/Thu) (ages 3-7)

Beginner Squad (8-13years)

Climbing Club (by tryout and those 14yrs+)

Competitive Team — (all age levels, by tryout)